Brandon Sullivan

Weather & Climate Risk Executive helping organizations deliver high value solutions to market

Extreme weather impacts are changing the way businesses operate their supply chain, operations and even marketing strategy. Leveraging 10+ years of product leadership experience, I'm focused on driving the momentum of weather and climate-based organizations forward through education, brand awareness, and private investment.

Professional background

SaaS client acquisition | Sales Enablement | Customer Success
Product Management | Venture Capital | Artificial Intelligence


IBM | AccuWeather

Climavision | DTN | Hazard Notifications

University of Oklahoma | Meteorology
Northwestern Kellogg School of Management | Product Strategy

Enterprise Solutions
I help organizations with weather risk exposure and/or data needs by providing expertise in the areas of vendor match, RFP creation, response vetting, and procurement.

Product Leadership

I am a transformational product leader with experience mentoring people, refining processes and embracing emerging technologies to deliver high value products that maximize shareholder returns and customer satisfaction.

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